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Power Cord Safety

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Kitchen gadgets, power tools, bathroom appliances, all can be impossibly dangerous for someone with dementia who can no longer be trusted to use them safely (especially around water), or to turn them off when not in use. Some can pose a fire hazard, an electrocution hazard, or simply be unsafe in impaired hands.

Locking things up behind safety latches, or installing childproof outlet covers works for some. But many of our elders have a lifetime of experience with these things, and they can defeat them in a nanosecond, even when they can't remember what happened five minutes ago. That muscle memory is a wonder.

When you're afraid to go to sleep because you worry that your mother will be in the kitchen burning toast at 3 a.m. (and sticking a knife into the slot to remove the blackened remnants), or that your father will wander into his old workroom and turn on the band saw, or that someone might turn on the electric heater and set it near the sink in the bathroom, you might want to take a look at the StoPower Power Plug Lock.

You can plug any electrical appliance or tool into this keyed lock and render it unplug-inable (I don't think that's a word). The lock covers the prongs on both two- and three-prong devices, so the item can't be plugged in at all. Only the key will remove the plug cover (each one comes with two keys).

You'll rest easier, so long as you keep the keys safely hidden away from the locked device.

If you have kids in the house who are supposed to abide by certain use rules for their electronics, this works a treat for that, too.