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Medicare Fast Form Locator

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When you're dealing with government there's a form for everything. Medicare alone has hundreds of forms, and locating the right form for what you need to accomplish can be both confusing and time-consuming. We've compiled a list of the most-often needed Medicare forms that you can download directly.

Almost all of these forms are presented in Adobe Acrobat pdf. If you need the free Adobe Acrobat reader you can download it here.  

Medicare Authorization to Disclose Personal Health Information
We urge you to have your senior fill this out. Medicare does not recognize Power of Attorney forms, so this is the only way you will be able to communicate with Medicare about your senior's health issues: 
Online || Downloadable Print Version

Medicare Claim Form 1490S
If the doctor or medical provider does not bill Medicare directly you will need this form to apply for reimbursement. Depending on where the medeical expense occurred and what kind of expanse is involved, there is accompanying additional information below the 1490S links.
English Version  || Spanish Version 

          Instructions For Filing Form 1490S Part B Claims:
          English Version   ||   Spanish Version   

Instructions For Filing Form 1490S Part B Durable Medical Equipment Claims:
English Version  ||  Spanish Version

Instructions For Filing Form 1490S Part B Medical Claims For Treatment Aboard a Ship:
English Version  ||  Spanish Version   

Instructions For Filing Form 1490S Part B Claims For Medical Treatment in Canada or Mexico:
English Version  ||  Spanish Version 

Instructions For Filing Form 1490S Part BMedical Treatment Received in a Foreign Country Other Than Canada or Mexico:
English Version  ||  Spanish Version

Appointment of Representative to Act in Connection With a Medicare or Medicaid Claim
English Version  ||  Spanish Version

Request For a Hearing on a Denied Medicare Claim:
English Version Only  

Medicare Reconsideration Request Form:
English Version Only    

Request for Medicare Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge:  
English Version Only


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