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Need A Gift For Someone In A Nursing Home?

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Grandmother only needs one more box of perfumed dusting powder to complete a set of 12 on her crowded closet shelf. Uncle John doesn't wear the ties he already has, and the box of caramels George got last year pulled out his dentures.

Every year it gets harder and harder to find the perfect gift for our loved ones who live in nursing homes. They don't need, or can no longer use, most of the things that catch our eyes. In desperation we often end up wrapping something we know in our hearts will be wrong.

You already know what the best gift is: A visit from you.

If you can, of course you do plan to visit. But you don't want to go empty-handed. If you can't be there in person, you want to send something that will be received and used with joy. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • A subscription to the local paper or a favorite magazine (for those who can read the small print), or to the large print Reader's Digest

  • Large print crossword and word-find puzzle books

  • A colorful wall calendar with important dates marked (birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, special events), along with...

  • A basket of greeting cards for every occasion, so your loved one can be part of these events by sending cards independently. Include pre-addressed labels, three or four for each person, so your loved one can easily address the envelopes. Add a roll of stamps if you are confident they won't be "lost."

  • A quilt, afghan, or blanket from home - re-sized if necessary to fit the nursing home bed. If fabric is left over from re-sizing, use it to cover a small, soft pillow

  • Prepaid "gift certificates" for the facility's beauty/barber shop

  • Non-poisonous plant if your elder is interested and able to take care of a plant. If not, choose a pretty silk plant

  • Videotapes of special family events that you can watch together

  • Recorded books and music

  • A scrapbook of captioned pictures - people, places, and things - that will bring happy memories and stimulate conversation throughout the year.


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